War Destruction

A detailed documentary showing the extent of damage to academic facilities, research facilities, ICT infrastructure, student service provision facilities, all buildings of the universities and more due to the TPLF invasion of Wollo University has been given coverage and broadcast by the Amhara Mass Media Corporation.

Rémi Maréchaux, the French Ambassador to Ethiopia, visited Wollo University on January 21, 2022, which had been devastated by the terrorist TPLF group. During the visit, the university’s president, Dr. Mengesha Ayene, briefed the group led by Ambassador Maréchaux on the damages to laboratory facilities, workshops, ICT infrastructure, student service provision facilities, and all university structures. During their talk, the ambassador committed to support the university’s rehabilitation efforts by enhancing technology utilization and exchanging experience by forming networks with other national and international universities.

In an in-depth interview with ASKUAl Media, the President of Wollo University, Dr. Mengesha Ayene, gave an in-depth interview on the brief history of the university, the university’s contribution to producing qualified graduates, producing problem-solving technologies through rigorous research, and engaging in transformative community services. Furthermore, the president explained the TPLF terrorist group’s damage to the university, the estimated cost of the damage, and the university’s plan to resume the four-month-long suspended teaching, research, and community services within one to two months’ time.

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