College of Business and Economics

Welcome to College of Business and Economics

College of Business and Economics (CBE) was originally founded in 2007 G.C. being a main element of wollo university since its inception as faculty of business and economics. College Business and Economics currently provides an HERQA accredited curriculum in five undergraduate programs in regular, extension, summer and distance streams; Accounting and finance, Economics, Management, Marketing and Cooperative. Department of Accounting and Finance has one graduate program; MSc in Accounting and finance. Economics department has three graduate programs; MSc in development economics, MSc in Natural resource and Environmental Economics and MA Economics. Management has two graduate programs; MBA and MA in project management. Marketing department has one graduate program; MA in marketing management. Cooperative department has also two graduate programs; MSc in cooperative Accounting and Auditing and MA in cooperative business Management.

In alignment with Wollo University’s Strategic Plan, College of Business and Economics provides real world, business development experiences in our undergraduate curriculum. We aspire to prepare our students for a norm where business learning is impacting their lives faster than ever before and where business development will be the key to our students’ success. Our students leave with the knowledge of theory and practical experience needed to succeed.

Our college of Business and Economics is proud to offer our undergraduate and graduate students the education of a lifetime.

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