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Wollo University is one amongst the 13 universities launched as per the government’s higher education spreading out agenda that started in 1996 E.C./2004 G.C. The founding stone was laid by the then Minister of Education W/ro Genet Zewde in 1996 E.C./2004 G.C. and as of February 1999 E.C./2007 G.C., in a humid inaugurating ritual attended by officials and local people, Wollo University was legitimately opened and went operational accepting 750 students. The University constitutes two campuses namely Dessie and Kombolcha and is situated in South Wollo Zone of Amhara National Regional State 400 km away from the capital Addis Ababa.

College of Social Sciences and Humanities is one among the 10 Colleges, 4 Schools, and 2 Institutes of Wollo University that are striving for quality education, excellence, and research. College of Social Sciences and humanities is found in the main campus of the University in Dessie town and located in the vicinity of Boru Meda predominantly known as ‘Kelem Meda’ on the high way to ‘Kuta Ber’ south of Dessie.

The record of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities reaches back to its founding date of 1996 E.C./2004 G.C. when the University was set up with the late Education Faculty which admitted the first 750 students in the history of the University. The College in its present form was established in 2002 E.C/2010 G.C after the University introduced BPR. While Wollo University has increasingly prolonged its program and structural organization, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities commenced with the objective of given that quality education, research, and community services; and creating the necessary capable and proficient man power and fineness in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

At beginning, the College commenced its training in first degree program with a few fields of studies namely Amharic Language (newly renamed as Ethiopian Languages and Literature-Amharic), English Language (newly renamed as English Language and Literature), History (newly renamed as History and Heritage Management), Geography (newly renamed as Geography and Environmental Studies), and Governance (newly renamed as Civics and Ethical Studies). In 2003 E.C./2011 G.C. three additional undergraduate studies were opened namely Department of Social Anthropology, Department of Music, and Department of Theatrical Arts. More lately in 2004 E.C./2012 G.C., the College has also managed to release up another Department called Department of Sociology (which is active now) which raised the number of undergraduate programs in the College to nine. In addition, arrangements are in progress to open new undergraduate programs. At present, the College is offering 16 undergraduate and 12 postgraduat programs and one Research Institutions.

Schools Under the College

School of Art
School of Governance
School of Social Science
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