Institute of Teachers’ Education and Behavioral Sciences – ITEBS


Institute of Teachers’ Education and Behavioral Sciences (ITEBS) is one of the divisions of Wollo University (WU) which was formerly called Faculty of Education. The history of ITEBS is as old as the history of Wollo University. ITEBS, the then Faculty of Education, was established in 1999 E.C/2006 G.C. The major rationale behind the establishment of the then faculty of education under WU was preparing professional educators in different fields who can contribute in improving access, equity, relevance and quality of education in the country. In doing so, the Faculty offered a four-year degree programs in teaching in the fields of Natural Sciences (Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), Social Sciences (Amharic, English, History, Geography, and Civics) and educational psychology till 2002 E.C/2010 G.C which lasted for graduation of three batches.

In order to reform the University, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) was undertaken in 2002 E.C/ 2010 G.C at the University level, and as a result, the Faculty of education was divided into three faculties: College of Social Science and Humanities, College of Natural Science and Institute of Teachers’ Education. Hence, in the meantime, the current Institute of Teachers’ Education and Behavioral Sciences, the former Faculty of Education, was named as Institute of Teachers’ Education.

Through time, besides multiple in-service programs offered in the then institute, regular undergraduate program in the field of Educational Planning and Management was launched in 2003 E.C/2010 G.C, Furthermore, WU has been selected to offer training in Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching which is a new high school teachers training modality designed by Ministry of Education. Because of these and the restructuring of psychology department via the revision of the BPR work, Institute of Teachers’ Education has been upgraded into Institute of Teachers’ Education and Behavioral Sciences in 2003 E.C/2010 G.C. Then after, by conducting needs assessment, the institute has launched undergraduate program in fields of Early Childhood Care and Education and Special Needs and Inclusive Education as well as Masters degree program in the fields of Counseling Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Management, Early Childhood Care and Education, Special Needs and Inclusive Education and School Leadership, At the present, 2020, ITEBS runs 4 undergraduate, 6 postgraduate and 2 postgraduate diploma programs with aspiration of maximizing qualified human capital at regional and national level.

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