Birhan Assefa | PhD

Director, Public Relation Directorate

History and Background of Public Relation Directorate:

Wollo University is one of the Ethiopian federal universities built among a group of 2nd generation Universities. Being located in the South Wollo Zone of the Amhara State, the University is designed to be a center of learning and research. To these end there are a wide range of academic programs and administrative offices to meet the growing demand of trained manpower of the country. Among those, Wollo university public relation directorate office is the one.

Wollo university public relation office established in 2000 E.C as corporate communication and marketing under the President office. After three years, the office was again restructured under the President Office by the name external and public relation directorate. Later on, by 2009 E.C the office split in to two major Directorates: partnership and International relations Directorate, and public relation Directorate. Currently, the Public relation Directorate office is overseeing by the Wollo university President Office.

The x-directors of the office were Mr Mengistu Dargie (Sep 18/2002 – Nov 30/2004), Mr. Yibeltal Getahun (Dec. 01/2004 – May 26/2004), Mr. Tesfaye Bazabih (May 27/2004 – Dec. /2008), and Dr. Eshetu Wondimu (Dec./2008-dec/2009).


To build an effective team with relevant skills, to create and maintain a climate of trust and positive attitude at Wollo University through an honest and effective communication with the internal public and thereby improving Wollo University’s image by promoting and facilitating transformative flow of information that would potentially maintain a good reputations and excellence of the University.


To promote, enhance and develop a favorable image of Wollo University, its facilities, and expertise to all its stakeholders by utilizing and developing internal and external communication through different media outlets nationally and internationally.


The office’s overarching aims in support of the University’s vision are:

  • To support and promote positive communications within the university and partners from internal stakeholders in the state of mutual benefit;
  • To manage events and any other engagements that the university would embark on to enhance the life of the community;
  • To provide an efficient, effective and high quality publicity;
  • To establish a line that enables the university to communicate directly with key audiences;
  • To scale-up the visibility of the university to the publics and


The office of public relation seeks to achieve its mission and aims by meeting the following broad, interrelated objectives:

  • To understand and define the University’s essential characteristics and communicate them clearly and consistently;
  • To promote the University’s activities and achievements and challenge misconceptions and misrepresentations where necessary;
  • To glean and disseminate information that is of interest and value to the university community, and that supports change management;
  • To develop connections, partnerships and mutual understanding with outside communities, groups and organizations;
  • To arrange or support ceremonial, educational and other events, activities and opportunities that build relationships and are relevant to the University’s mission;
  • Communicate the goals, objectives, priorities and performance of the University to the public using electronic mass media, publications, websites, and so on;
  • Design, develop and manage special events that shows Wollo university’s excellence and promote advocacy and support for Wollo university by mobilizing the University working units and
  • Manage and provide services including publicities, photography, graphic design, etc. to the University community and make a pool of audio visual resources and conference management tools to enable efficient delivery of such services.
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