Mengesha Ayana Ejigu | PhD

Dr. Mengesha Ayana Ejigu is the current president of Wollo University, He is assigned as the president of WU since — to now.

Abate Getahun Ayele | PhD

Dr. Abate Getahun Ayele was the fifth president of Wollo University.

Asefa Balecha Negew | PhD

Dr. Asefa Balecha Negew, 24/04/2004 E.C – 08/06/2007 E.C Dr. Assefa Balecha In his duration as the president of Wollo University Dr. Assafa Balecha has a lot of impacts and footprints in the university.

Zenebe Baraki | PhD

Dr. Zenebe Baraki, 01/07/2000 E.C – 23/04/2004 E.C Dr. Zenebe Baraki was the 3’rd president of Wollo University. He has a lot of experience before being the university’s president.

Dereje Ayalew | PhD

Dr. Dereje Ayalew, 13/11/19988 E.C – 12/05/2000 E.C As the first president of the Dessie Kombolcha University, Dr. Dereje Ayalew served the university with good leadership.

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