Mulugeta Tesfaye Teshome

Assistant Professor of Peace and Security Studies
1145, Dessie, Ethiopia

Lij Iyasu Peace, Democracy and Development research institute (LIPDDRI) is a research institute in Wollo University. It was established In 2010 E.C .The institute established to undertake research, scholarship and training   for understanding and promoting positive changes in the economies, societies and politics of countries and communities in Ethiopia in particular and horn of Africa in general. The institute also works to uncover the social, economic and political legacies of Lij Iyasu Mikael. Lij Iyasu took the throne Soon after Emperor Menelik’s death. Largely, Iyasu’s reign was characterized by a series of political, social and economic measures which make him as progressive leader. Indeed His multicultural conception interpreted as one of his attempts to modernizing the political culture of the country. His visions have been inspiring the generation to aspire governance.

To be a leading research institute in conducting regular training, seminars ,panel, publication, policy brief, scholarship in peace studies, media appearance and conferences on issues of leadership, democracy, conflict   resolution, human security, peace-building,  Gender equality, Ethics, Environment, politics, election and social problems.

In realizing the mission of WU, the LPDDRI devoted to promote peace, democracy and development initiative in the country as well as in east Africa.

The center aiming to conduct regular training, campus lectures, researches, organize seminars and conferences on issues of leadership, democracy, conflict resolution, human security, peace-building, Gender equality, Ethics, Environmental conservation.  It also finds out grants and scholarships to undertake research in the areas of peace, democratization, conflict, security and development.

  • Comparative studies on fragile states and human security,
  • Indigenous knowledge conflict resolution , peace and democracy,
  • Engendering peace and post-conflict reconstruction,
  • Migration, development and human security issues,
  • Culture, society and livelihood in the mountains and lowlands,
  • Gender and development,
  • Socio-demographics, and environmental devastation,
  • Religion ,tolerance ,nation building and national integration,
  • Party politics, election and government and
  • Federalism and local government.

Understanding this purpose the institute started action on organizing research, conference seminar, discussion and training on the areas of:

  • Nation building,
  • Conflict resolution,
  • Democratic election,
  • Indigenous knowledge,
  • Human security and migration,
  • Politics and government,
  • Governance and leadership and
  • Federalism and development

The institute plan to execute:

  • LIPDDRI Annual research grant,
  • LIPDDRI Annual Scholarship,
  • LIPDDRI Short term leadership Training,
  • Training on Governance and Leadership,
  • LIPDDRI Annual summit on February 4,
  • Consultancy and community service and 
  • LIPDDRI Academic Journal.

LIPDDRI Tasks Accomplished

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