Background of ICT Directorate

Getachew Wassie Tesema

P.O.Box: 1145 Dessie, Ethiopia

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is clearly indispensible to enabling the Education Sector in Ethiopia to overcome the many challenges it faces, and to enabling Universities and other Institutions of Higher Learning to make great leaps forward to deliver on their twin responsibilities of Education and Research.

  • Accountable to the university president
  • Provide leadership and management to the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) department
  • Insure that ICT provides, operates and maintains the ICT infrastructure, systems and solutions to meet the needs of the administrative, educational, and research programs of the University
  • Establish proper ICT governance through an ICT Policy for the university, planning of ICT projects, managing the portfolio of solutions, systems and infrastructure, and instituting a Service Management approach to the services and solutions that the ICT delivers to the university community
  • Insure that the ICT department understands the needs of its customers – the university and the many departments and programs that it runs, the teachers, students and administrators, and provides solutions based on this understanding
  • Keep up with the ever changing Information and Communication Technology, especially identifying new tools and technologies that will move the University’s Education and Research responsibilities forward
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