Colleges of Natural Science

Background of Colleges of Natural Science

College of Natural Science (CNS) was one of the colleges established by Wollo university (WU), founded in 2006 under the Faculty of Education with four departments, namelyBiology, Mathematics, Physicsl and chemistry. The first batch was graduated in 2009. In 2008, the name has been changed to College of Natural and Computational Science (CNCS) and the college is transferred from Dessie campus to Kombolcha campus under Science and Technology institute. The then known departments were Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Earth Science, Chemistry, Computer Science and Information Technology.

In the year 2009, Statistic department unit started under mathematics department and received its first batch students in the same year and it became independent department in 2011. The opening of Sport science department in 2010 increases the number of departments to six. The college reorganized as College of Natural Science (CNS) in 2012 and returned to Dessie campus due to the establishment of Kombolcha Institute of Technology (KIoT) spited from the Sciences. In 2015, the Geology unit was opened as the seventh program of the college under the department of physics and earth science. The unit received its first batch students in the year 2015 and it became independent department in 2016.In addition, the biotechnology program was opened in 2016 under the department of biology. Recently in October 2018, the sport science department has been upgraded to sport science Academy which contains sport science department, athletics club, and football project teams. Now a days the college runs eight undergraduate programs in six departments and one Academy.

In addition to the undergraduate programs, the CNS has established five postgraduate programs in Biology (Genetics, Zoology and Botany) and Physics (Solid state and Nuclear) in 2011. Currently, the college runs 25 postgraduate programs in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Sport Science and Geology in regular, summer and extension programs.

With this in mind, our college promotes a wide range of researches, community services and projects, such as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, Wolloinitiative E-STEM outreach and Engagement (WIESOE ) project.

The college currently hasThree associate professor, Twenty one assistant professors (17 PhD and 4M.Sc), Sixty six lecturers (all M.Sc), Eight graduate assistantand Nineteen technical assistants, who have fully engaged in the teaching and research activities.

Departments Under the College

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