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It is quite well known that education brings overall development endeavors in the socio- economic, political and psycho-cultural spheres of a society/country by remarkably using or utilizing the available labor resources in the process of supplying or producing professionally and academically qualified, competent, well informed, responsible socially effective citizens that a country critically looks for its various development sectors. Viewed in this way, the overriding purpose of an educational system is to prepare citizens of a country, with desirable and relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes, social and ethical values, and making the citizens adaptable to their environment. Cognizant of this fact, in Ethiopia during the past three and half decades, physical education and sport has increasingly become an academic discipline. Now a day Universities produce a qualified physical education and sport Science professionals.

Today the attention given for the role of physical exercises and sports which has now become part of activities in schools, colleges and universities, organizational settings, sport and health clubs has been increasing than ever before. The demand of the society in the area of physical activities for maintaining and developing total health and well-being will force professional in the area to revise the past approaches. Sport Science program under qualified leadership aids in the enrichment of an individual’s life. It aims at building a sound body, a sharp mind and a whole-some personality. It is essential for the cultivation of vitality, obedience, discipline, and positive attitude towards life and the world.

Moreover the countries growing need of professionals towards the fundamental coaching skills is at the peak level. Regarding this the Federal Sport Commission and Regional Sport Commissions effort to fill the gap with different levels of training has been limited and insignificant in terms of producing large and efficient number of coaches. Currently, the Ethiopian government has incorporated sport with the country’s five years transformation plan. It is also believed that huge number of qualified and skilled manpower can be obtained from the Ethiopian Higher Institutions. Thus, with the cooperation of the Sport Commission, Ministry of Education, selected universities and respective National Federations this curriculum has been designed. To this end, the main purpose of this document is to compile the curriculum content to be offered for the Bachelor of Science in order to meet the required demand mainly at secondary level of education, regional and wereda sport affairs, sport federations, Sport clubs and fitness advisor instructors. In consequence, respective federations are expected to manage the licensing of graduates.

Having this in the base line, department of sport science of wollo university is working a lot since it started in 2003 E.C. and now endeavors promoting to sport academy.


To be one of the top 5 sport academy in east Africa by the end of 2025 G.C


To promote the country’s democracy, social and economic by creating healthy citizens, implementing scientific teaching –learning, research and community services to create competent man power.

Programs Under the Department
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