About Agriculture College


Dr. Seid Ali Assen


Assistant Professor in BSc, Animal Science MSc and PhD, Animal Production

Following the establishment of Wollo University in 2004, the faculty of agriculture has been launched in 2007 with four departments (plant science, animal science, soil and water resources management and veterinary medicine) in order to create trained manpower in the agricultural sector. With the implementation of the business process reengineering (BPR) in 2010, the department of veterinary medicine organized at school level; whereas, the other three departments organized at college level (college of agriculture).Three new departments, namely, rural development and agricultural extension, forestry, and agricultural economics opened under the college of agriculture in 2011. The department of rural development and agricultural extension also began a mid-career program in 2012 to train in-service agricultural development workers in agricultural extension at BSc level based on the request of the Bureau of Agriculture of the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) to fill the gap of agricultural extension professionals in the field.In 2017, the department of soil and water resources management renamed as natural resources management.Currently, the college of agriculture runs seven programs under the six departments at the undergraduate level.

Moreover, the college of agriculture runs 5 graduate (MSc) programs under four of the aforementioned departments: department of plant science (plant breeding and agronomy), department of agricultural economics (agricultural economics), department of animal science (animal production), and department of forestry (forest management and climate change). In addition to the teaching-learning process, the college carries out research as well as community service activities to address major problems of the community.

In 2018/2019, the college has 70 instructors who are on duty (5 graduate assistants – 2 males and 3 females, 46 lecturers having second degree – 37 males and 9 females, 19 PhD holders of whom 1 is female). Two of the PhD holders are at the rank of associate professors and the rest 17 are assistant professors. The college also has 7 first degree technical assistants (6 males and 1 female), and 7 administrative staff (2 males and 5 females). Moreover, 41 staff members are on a study leave where 19 of them (7 males and 12 females) are pursuing their study towards MSc degree and the rest 22 (18 males and 4 females) are attending PhD study. The 2018/2019 data show that the college has 1067 undergraduate students.

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