Wollo University Leads University of Applied Sciences Training Initiative with GIZ and Ethiopian Academy of Science

Wollo University in collaboration, GIZ, and the Ethiopian Academy of Science has been provided five-day training on University of Applied Sciences (UASs). By targeting both academic and administrative leaders, including vice presidents, directors, and team leaders, the training aims to equip participants with strategic leadership principles and an understanding of key issues related to UASs.

The training’s focus on mission-driven university differentiation transformation highlights the importance of aligning institutional goals with strategic planning. Topics such as stakeholders’ management, university-industry linkage, applied research, learning university, entrepreneurial university, and sustainability are critical in today’s higher education landscape, where universities play a significant role in driving innovation and community’s socio-economic development.

The inclusion of industry visits in Kombolcha city adds practical exposure to theoretical learning, allowing participants to witness real-world applications of the concepts discussed during the training. This hands-on approach can enhance their understanding and inspire innovative solutions within their respective institutions.

Overall, this training initiative reflects a proactive and forward-thinking approach by Wollo University and its partners to address the evolving challenges faced by higher education institutions. By empowering leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills, the initiative aims to foster positive change and contribute to the overall development of the education sector in Ethiopia.

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