The council of advisors has been established to strengthen the peaceful learning in Wollo University.In Wollo University, Anbeta Defense equipment has been supported.
  November 03, 2020    News

A peaceful training program in Wollo University in 2013 has been created to continue to be safe in Dessie city and around the area. This Wollo University Education Training Advice Committee has been established by the mayor of Dessie city, government and religious institutions, local elders and youth. Wollo University president Dr. Atsde Tefera, the council of advisor, said that it will help to create a peaceful and safe environment with the Dessie city administration and the people to make it easy to ensure the peace of the institution and the environment. Wollo University's Academic Affairs Commissioner Dr. Mengesha Ayenekari has said it is a legal council for the uprising of the challenges that are happening in Ethiopia It has been said that it will work soon with all community members that have special interest outside. Dr. Mengesha has said that if the office is seen or heard, it will work to ensure the permanent peace of the institution by solving the problem. The advisor council formed in Wollo University has been set to discuss the processing of the office about the environmental situation and make a direction that will make attention to the issues that want to be focused on.