Wollo University has held a thanksgiving program for Dr. Abate Getahun who completed his years of presidential
  November 03, 2020    News

Dr. Abate Getahun has been prepared for the first time in Wollo University for the first time as president for six years. The 6th Wollo University President Dr. Abate Getahun has been given a recognition and appreciation for the good work he gave to the 6th year and four months in Wollo University Administration board and Senate members. Dr. Abate Getahun, who prepared this gratitude and acknowledgement program by Wollo University, Board, Manajit and Senate members, Dr. Abate Getahun, have given their comments and questions that are raised by the institutional workers, leaders and students and needs and not as a leader for the fatherhood behavior. Dr. Abate Getahun's members have witnessed that ′′ project plans that are useful for the institution and environmental community have not been returned to the president when they haven't come back to the institution and the environmental community are clearly showing their interest and development for the community. It has been reported that Dr. Abate should be thankful for the establishment's name of the institution's leaders who have done all the campaigns that were going on to get the institution's own use of ethnic, political and religious conflict. Dr. Abate Getahun, who was prepared for thanksgiving program, has promised to work together with the development of the institution's board, high and medium leaders. The president of Wollo University of Transition Dr. Atsde Tefera has said that he will work for the institution by giving the position of the director and president of the transition. Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye's administration board meeting that was found in the thanksgiving program will be held in the next wide gratitude and knowledge program.