Getachew Gugsa Amede

(DVM, MSc)

Associate Professor in Molecular Biology

Wollo University, Ethiopia .

Faculity since 2016-10-11

Contact Info 2018

Profile of Getachew Gugsa Amede

Associate Professor in Molecular Biology
2016-10-11 - Present

List of Participation in University

  1. Community Service and Training Director of Wollo University
  2. Disease Investigation, Diagnosis/Surveillance, Control, and
    Prevention Unit Leader, College of Veterinary Medicine, Mekelle University
  3. Veterinary Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Course Team
    Leader, CVM, MU
  4. Veterinary Course Teams and Veterinary Clinic Team Leader,
    CVM, MU
  5. College Research and Community Service Council, Member, CVM,
  6. Associate Editor of Abyssinia Journal of Science and
    Technology, WU
  7. School Graduate Program, Research, Community Services, and
    Technology Transfer Committee, School of Veterinary Medicine, Wollo University
  8. School Academic Staff Recruitment, Promotions, and
    Scholarship Committee, SVM, WU
  9. School AC Member, SVM, WU
  10. Curriculum Development for BSc in Veterinary Laboratory
    Technology, SVM, WU
  11. Coordinator of the Central Laboratory of Wollo University, WU
  12. Wollo University Laboratory Technical Committee, WU
  13. Procurement/Purchase Approval Committee, WU
  14. Secretary of the Exhibition Committee of the 2017/2018
    Academic Year University’s Graduation Ceremony, WU
  15. A Reviewer of Abyssinia Journal of Science and
    Technology, WU  
  16. Reviewer for the Proceeding of the 6th Annual National
    Research Conference of Wollo University, WU
  17. School Laboratory Technical Committee, SVM, WU
  18. Dairy Farm, Shoat Breeding, and Fattening Farm Proposal Developing Committee, SVM, WU
  19. Development and Preparation Committee for BSc Degree in Veterinary
    Laboratory Technology, SVM, WU
  20. Establishing Committee and Member of Animal Welfare Center,
    CVM, MU
  21. College Scholarship, Promotion, and Reinstatement Committee,
    CVM, MU
  22. College Academic Staff Affairs Committee, CVM, MU
  23. College Laboratory Technique Committee, CVM, MU
  24. College Livestock Farms’ Plan Development Committee, CVM, MU
  25. Laboratory Organizing Committee, CVM, MU
  26. College Laboratories’ Equipment and Chemicals Technique
    Committee, CVM, MU
  27. College Re-structure Development Committee, CVM, MU 
  28. College Research Paper Reviewer, CVM, MU
  29. Haramaya University Ethics and Anti-Corruption Club Member
  30. Curricular Reviewing, WU

 List of Participation in Training
and Workshops

1.A Winning Research Grant Writing

2.Research Grant Proposal Writing Training

3.Adult Learning and Transboundary Animal Diseases

4.General Intellectual Property Right, Patent Registration and
Protection, and Searching Patent.

5.Training on Scientific Communication

6.Molecular Techniques for Reliable Animal Disease Diagnosis
and Research

7.Practical Oriented on Major Surgical Practices

8.National Research Funding Competition

9.7th Annual National Research Conference, Wollo University

10.Regional Conference on Zoonotic Diseases

11.Poster Presentation

12.Scientific and Technical of the”Oro-Mara” Conference

13.International Conference on “Enhancing Economic Growth and
Public Health through Livestock Development and One Health Approach”

14.Organizing the Celebration of 2014’sWorld Anima Day.


Nationally and Internationally Granted Research Works
1.Molecular Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Susceptibilities of Major Foodborne Zoonotic Bacterial Pathogens from Food of Bovine Origin in Selected Sites of Tigray, Ethiopia funded by Mekelle University (NoRAD): Principal Investigator.
2.One Health Approach on Use of Probiotics as Potential Therapeutics against Bovine Mastitis Pathogens in Dairy Cows funded by OHCEA: Principal Investigator.
3.Bacteriological and Molecular Characterization of C. jejuni, C. coli and E. coli O157:H7 from Dairy Farms and Slaughter Houses of the Selected Sites of Tigray, Ethiopia funded by Mekelle University: Principal investigator.
4.Sero-Prevalence and Distribution of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRV) Infection in Small Ruminants in Selected Areas of Tigray Region, Ethiopia by Mekelle University: Principal investigator.
5.Infectious Disease Profiling: The Case Zoonotic in Southern Tigray, Ethiopia: Co-investigator.
6.Effect of Feeding Moring Olivera and Effective Microorganisms on Performance of Cobb Broiler by Mekelle University: Co-investigator.
7.Poultry Litter Supplementation for Fattening of Small Ruminants by Mekelle University: Co-investigator.
8.Assessing the Impact of Hatching Egg Quality on the Hatchability and Chick Quality by Mekelle University: Co-investigator.
9.Assessment of the FcB Gene of Local Sheep by Mekelle University: Co-investigator.
10.Development of Recombinant and Killed Multivalent Mannheimia haemolytica and P. multocida Antigens for Novel Vaccine and Diagnosis of Circulating Serotypes of Ruminant Pneumonic Pasteurellosis in Ethiopia funded by MoST: Co-investigator.
11.Investigation on the Population Diversity and Characterization of Rumen Methanogens from Cattle under Different Husbandry Systems for Climate Change Mitigation funded by Mekelle University (NoRAD): Co-investigator.
12.Molecular Epidemiology and Development of Vaccine for Control of Epizootic Lymphangitis in Ethiopia funded by Mekelle University (NoRAD): Co-investigator.
13.Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria toward their Selection as a Source of Chicken Potential Probiotic funded by MoST: Co-investigator.
14.Production and Use of Seed Semen for Boosting Milk and Meat Production funded by MoST: Co-investigator.
15.Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria toward their Selection as a Source of Chicken Potential Probiotic funded by FUNARB: Co-investigator.
16.Rabies Control Strategy in Urban Areas: Managing Free-Roaming Dogs in Selected Cities of Eastern Africa funded by ORIP: Co-investigator,
17.Production of Animal Feed and Glue from Sheba Leathers through Eco-friendly Approach funded by MoST: Co-investigator
18.Assessment of the FcB Gene in Ethiopian Sheep for Improvement of Sheep Production funded by FUNARB: Co-investigator.
19.Isolation and Screening of Superior Indigenous Fibrolytic Bacterial and Fungal Species for Potential Applications as Feed Additives for Ruminants: Co-investigator.
20.Probiotics as Alternative Potential Therapeutics Measures against Selected Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens and Mastitis Causing Bacteria: Co-investigator.
21.Prevalence and Antimicrobial Profiles of Major Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens from Food of Bovine Origin in Dessie and Its Nearby Towns: Principal investigator.

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