Solomon Goraw Adane

Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Researcher at SCHOOL OF LAW

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P.O.Box: 1145, Dessie, Ethiopia.


Background of SCHOOL OF LAW:


Wollo University School of Law is widely regarded as one of Ethiopia’s leading law school. It was established in 2008 G.C. The school currently has more than 390 students and 28 academic staffs. Apart from its regular program, the school has also been well engaged in continuing summer education programs. The Law School is also actively participating in the teaching, research and community service to realize the overall aspiration of the university. Education and Training, Research, Legal Aid and Moot Court are designed as programme areas.


Since its establishment, Wollo University Law School has accomplished a number of activities on clinical legal education, free legal aid service, moot court, and other collaborations by hosting different seminars, panel discussions and live debate programs on many different legal and current policy issues. One of the great strengths of the School has been its diverse teaching staff and active student body. Students have performed with distinction in several international, regional and national moot courts including the ELSA WTO moot court, the African Human Rights Moot Court, the Jessup International Law Moot Court, the Price Media Moot Court, and the All African International Humanitarian Law Moot Court.


Wollo University Law School envisions being one of the top law schools in terms of outstanding quality education, research and community development services in Ethiopia by 2017 E.C. (2025 G.C.).


  • Provide quality higher education at the law school through regular, extension and summer education modes in order to produce competent law professionals who can support the development endeavor of the country;
  • Undertake researches that help to solve the legal problems of the country and add new legal values and knowledge to the society;
  • Render legal consultancy and short-term training services to government and non-governmental organizations in order to help them achieve their objectives;
  • Render various community services to fulfill social responsibilities.


Drawing its norms from the exemplary community that it finds itself in, cherish unity in diversity, respect for others and communion with all irrespective of differences; the core values are:

  • Organizational Values: Wollo University School of Law shall promote and uphold in pursuance of its mission including Quality, Diversity, Excellence, Expansion, Secularity, Continuance Improvement, Equity, Tolerance, Transparency, Collaboration, Gender Sensitivity and Responsiveness, Reliable Partnership, Team Work, Academic Freedom, Accountability and Mutual Respect.
  • Staff Values: Assertiveness, Selflessness, Trustworthiness, Honesty, Innovativeness, Confidentiality, Resourcefulness, Self-Awareness, Social Awareness and Respectfulness.


LLB in Laws (Regular & Summer)

Academic Calendar:
The course of study for the L.L.B. degree is five years.
Theory-Based Courses:
These courses will provide the students with an overview of the codes of Ethiopia and introduce the students to basic government policy.
Skills-Based Courses:
Legal research, legislative drafting, legal writing, trial advocacy, appellate advocacy courses.
Clinical Programs and Externship:
The clinics and externship provide our students with the opportunity to gain practical work experience.
Exit Exams:
The law faculty administers a national exit exam in the fifth year of study which will be a requirement for graduation.
Post Graduate Programs (Regular & Extension)
  1. LLM in Business Law
  2. LLM in Constitutional Law


Free Legal Aid Service:

  • Dessie Branch
  • Kombolcha Branch