Mr. Tewodros Agazie

Dean School of Textile-


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P.O.Box: 208


Background of School of Textile-:

The Textile Engineering Department in Kombolcha Institute of Technology was opened in 2007 G.C being the second in Ethiopia next to Bahir Dar University, is providing quality technical education to the textile community. The textile sector of Ethiopia has a tremendous potential for growth and expansion, with promises to become a major employment provider to the community. But there was also a long felt dearth of skilled manpower to fulfill the requirement of the rapidly expanding industry.

The establishment of the Textile Department at KIOT, Wollo University, was thus an initiative to fill this gap by bringing out qualified engineers to take the national economy ahead. The department was launched in the year 2007 G.C as Textile and Leather Engineering with 25 students and then changed to Textile Engineering in 2010 G.C. Currently Textile Engineering, Leather Engineering, Garment Engineering and fashion Designs are being given as separate departments which are cooperating departments that involves the manufacturing, processing, conception, design, construction, operation, control and optimization to fulfill industries need. Considering the importance and the role of textile, leather, garment and fashion design sector to the growth of economic and industrialization of Ethiopia, the department was upgraded the level of school with the name School of Textile, Leather and Fashion Technology in October, 2018. This up gradation was considered essential in order to develop the teaching, community service and research infrastructure for the development of the textile, leather, garment and fashion Industry of Ethiopia. The School of Textile, Leather and Fashion Technology (STLFT) is one of the largest schools containing many departments in the College of Engineering, Institute of Technology in Wollo University. The school has trained and is training a significant number of Textile, Leather, fashion Design and Garment Engineers who are playing key roles in the various sectors of the country.


To become leading school in textile, leather, garment and fashion design education and research in Ethiopia and will be upgraded to Institute level in coming few years.


To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge in the areas of science, engineering and design in textile and leather sector, and to provide its undergraduate and postgraduate students with the education that combines academic excellence and rigorous research work so that they best serve the nation and the world in a professional and responsible way to full fill the industry and community requirement.

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