Abduselam Hassen Kegnu

Dean School of Civil, Water Resource & Irrigation Engineering and Architecture (SCWRIEA)




P.O.Box: 208


School of Civil, Water Resource & Irrigation Engineering and Architecture (SCWRIEA):

Kombolcha Institute of Technology was established in 1997 E.C with the aim of bringing academic, financial and administrative autonomy. Starting from its establishment up to now, the institute is playing its own role by developing relevant programs and disseminating problem solver technology outputs to the community. Civil Engineering department is one of the potential departments of the institute which is established on the same year to as that of the institute. Starting from its own establishment up to now, the department has developed more than 1500 graduates.

As we now, since the construction industry is increasing in all aspects to address the society. For resolving the shortage of trained manpower in this industry; Architecture, Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering, Hydraulic and Water resource Engineering and Construction Technology & Management has been established in different time.

The increased number of students, the demand to produce entrepreneur students and the need to produce problem solving researches makes up reasons to formulate a school that can administer the five departments.


The Vision of SCWRIEA is to be one of the top 5 Civil, Water Resource Engineering and Architecture programs in Ethiopia by 2017 E.C.

Specific Visions

The School visions
  • To produce high skill graduates on areas of Civil Engineering, Water Resource Engineering Architecture and Construction Technology & Management. Our Graduates will have entrepreneurial skills and the required ethics to solve problems of our country.
  • To produce problem solving researches that will be patented and published in standard international journals.


The following are the main missions of School of Civil, Water Resource & Irrigation and Architecture.

  1. To deliver quality education in areas of Civil Engineering, Water Resource Engineering Architecture and Construction Technology & Management through regular and extension modes.
  2. Undertake researches that can solve socioeconomic problems of our country.
  3. Transfer up to date technologies and knowledge.
  4. Render consultancy and trainings to business organizations, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
  5. Engage in community service activities.


Civil, Water Resource and Architecture profession was a leader in both Community Service and education for years; it is known for its innovative design, boldness of ideas and unbridled enthusiasm. This plan follows in these footsteps by putting pen to paper to articulate the shared vision that will bring together all Civil, Water Resource, Construction and Architecture people and resources.

We value the following attributes of our teaching, research and community service activities:

  • Pursuit of excellence.
  • Highest standards of professional and scholarly ethics.
  • Innovative solutions to construction Industry problems.
  • Collegial, creative, and supportive learning environment.
  • Enrichment by diversity.
  • Service to the profession of construction and Architecture.
  • Service to humanity.
  • Meaningful contributions toward the improvement of society through pioneering research and transformative learning experiences.

List of Departments Under School of Civil and Architecture:

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