Mr. Hussen Gatew Alem

Department Of Information Technology
Lecturer and Researcher at Information Technology


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Information Technology Department:

Information technology has become a major driving force in many organizations. These organizations are seeking to get IT applications which can help them to sell their products or services effectively. For example, by use of Internet, organizations or businesses are moving information faster and they also coordinate multiple activities to achieve their goal of the organization efficiency. They also use the internet to sell their services or products. Information technology has changed businesses, education so many other sectors. In the business world it has helped in creating a” networked economy” where businesses are linked with their suppliers, customers, manufacturers and business partners in real time. So in this case we look at Information Technology as an enabler and as an industry for the economic development.

As it is already known this is the information age, so that every economic, social and other relations is becoming digital. So both developed and developing countries are depending on the new emerging technology, Information and Communication Technology. This is the main reason that is why the Information Technology Department is established. In our country, the Ethiopian government is striding to develop the ICT infrastructure in the country. For the sake of this purpose Information Technology professionals should be investing for significant impact. Because of that Information Technology Department is established in order to produce professionals who are competent internationally. Wollo university was established in 1997 E.C, and the age of Information technology department is the same as the university

In Wollo university Information Technology department have opened three programs, namely Regular, Extension and Summer programs. This is because the department have a great interest in order to address IT for all students who are living in different state of life. Some students can attend the regular program, others who have other professionals and have work on different professions can attend IT in extension program which is delivering in the weekend. In addition to that there are other students who are living far away from the university, and they cannot attend the regular and the extension program can attend the program in the summer program. Since most of the students are free in the summer time, it is possible to attend the summer program by joining in the Information Technology Department

One of the purpose of the establishment of Wollo university is to conduct community service and research. The research will help the university to innovate and invent new ideas and ideologies in the respective department. Base on that Information Technology Department is now working on the research. In addition to the research Information Technology Department have conducted on the community service. Community service in Information Technology Department is the work done by a person or group of IT professionals that benefits others. It is often done near the area where the university is located. Mostly community service in Information Technology Department is done in group. In order to accomplish this task and other related works which are done is group, the department have organized the 1 to 5 teacher’s quality circle arrangement. The quality circle has arranged based on the specialty of the teachers and they can work any group works in group


Information Technology department aspires to be one of the strongest department of teaching and learning in Kombolcha Institute of Technology and to improve the quality of education, research and training to satisfy the needs of the community.


The department offers an undergraduate program and it has been designed to produce high quality IT graduates with entrepreneur and problem solving mind set by providing to the students a broad knowledge and skill in information technology management and configuration and maintenance of ICT infrastructures.

Learn more about each of our programs:

BSc in Information Technology

Our undergraduate program is focus on the primary objective to produce a high quality graduate with an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mind-set. The specific objectives of the program are:

  • To produce graduates who possess the right combination of knowledge and practical skills
  • to take care of an organization’s technology and infrastructure needs and people that needs it.
  • To produce professionals that take responsibilities for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization, integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure
  • To produce graduates who will take the responsibility for installing, customizing and maintaining applications (network installation, network administration, Web site design, development of multimedia resources, and installation of communication components and oversight of email system) for the organization