Ashager Adane Bidge

Department Head Of Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields Coordinator
Lecturer and Researcher at Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields Coordinator




P.O.Box: 208


Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields Coordinato:

Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields Coordinator Office was established in the year of 2010 under Engineering College, Kombolcha Institute of Technology (KIoT), Wollo University with a multi-discipline support for the producing of creative researchers, outstanding academicians and community welfare-centric scientists in different areas of institute. The office does not admit students of its own up to graduation, unlike the rest of KIoT departments, but offers a broad spectrum of institute requirement courses to engineering and science students. Furthermore, it admits and coordinates the first year pre-engineering students up to their department placement. The office has three academic units and one center which run these diverse courses: i.e. Mathematics and Statistics unit, English Language Unit, Civics and Ethical studies Unit and (as of 2017/18 Academic Year) English Language Improvement Center (ELIC).

According to the Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009, WU is mandated to establish, organize and determine the status, functions and responsibilities of academic units, and close down any of them when the University finds it appropriate. Accordingly, it is established so as to fulfill the mission of institute under engineering college.


To become a pioneer office in 2025 in teaching, academic research and community service at country level in the field of pure and applied science through offering locally relevant and internationally consistent programs aiming at contemporary learning.


The Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields coordinator has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand-driven researches and rendering accessible community services. The office has also a mission to:

  • Enables students to relate fundamental principles and theories of mathematical and statistical sciences with applicable practices;
  • When engineering and science students complete their study and graduate from the university, they are supposed to have been equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes not only in their specific field of specialization but also in education encompassing humanities and social sciences and fostering heir critical thinking and analysis, creative synthesis, and effective communication skills;
  • Upgrade the qualifications of its academics staff and enhance continuously their professional competency;
  • Carry out such other activities that accord with its objectives and the mission, vision and objectives of the university.

List of chairs under the office

It is based on Instructors field of specialization:

  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics Chair
  • Numerical Analysis Chair
  • Differential Equations Chair
  • Civics and Ethical Studies Chair
  • TEFL Chair

Thematic Areas: Pre-Engineering and Allied Fields Coordinato