Asefa Sisay

Department Head Of Electrical Engineering



P.O.Box: 208

Electrical Engineering Department:

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) is part of KIOT since its inception to produce graduates with strong fundamentals in electrical engineering electronics, computer, industrial control and Communication domains.

The department of electrical & computer engineering (ECE) was established in year 2000 E.C. The department of electrical and computer engineering at KIOT is recognized for dominance in education and amenity to profession. The department has a fine amalgamation of renowned as well as young and dynamic personalities as faculty playing a significant role in providing quality education at both under graduate and post graduate levels. Our faculties have experiences in teaching and as well as industries with areas of specializations that include power electronics, power industrial drives, industrial control, electrical power engineering, electrical power systems, applied electronics, digital systems, communication systems and signal processing. The department is well-equipped with laboratories which cater to program needs with sprouting technology enhancements and the continuous necessity for innovation, the department is dedicated to generate well-disciplined and accountable quality technologists for our country. The department strives to be center of excellence in education, training and research generating high quality engineers for a better tomorrow.

The major goal of the Department of ECE is to produce highly knowledgeable, competent and resourceful young engineers who can perform well in a wide variety of job profiles. To achieve this, our curriculum provides a strong foundation in both the analytic and technological aspects of ECE. It also provides ample opportunities to students to work on projects and they can develop communication skills and explore experiences from internship opportunities in industries. The department is functioning with around 50 faculty members among whom, four are Ph.D. holders and four are pursuing Ph.D. and remaining are M.Sc. holders and expatriate lectures from Indian and Philippine reputed universities

The department has adequate hardware to support academic and research related activities. Analytical and simulation tools like Xilinx, Multisim, MATLAB, are available to carry research activities.

The department's strength include its high faculty-to-student ratio, state of the art facilities, well qualified and renowned faculty, strong focus on undergraduate education balanced with leading-edge research, and emphasis on leadership, service and ethics


  • The department envisions that the students of the branch becomes engineers of professional character equipped with a strong theoretical foundation required for critical thinking, practical engineering skills to face the challenges in the field, the ability to work in a team dignity, and all the qualities that help them accomplish their goals.
  • To provide a strong foundation in fundamentals of core subjects so as tounderstand the basic concepts of Electrical and Computer Engineering and its applications.


  • Provide outstanding education & research training to students to enable them to have productive careers in industry and academia.
  • To provide "learn by practice" environment and making the students self sufficient.
  • To develop creative and innovative graduates, technologists of multi faceted personality.
  • To inculcate exemplary professional conduct and ethical values to lead and to use technology for the progress of mankind.
  • To promote innovative and need based research

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Graduate program:

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • MS.c in Computer Engineering