Department of Statistics


Department of statistics at Natural Science College of Wollo University was launched in September 2010, with BSc degree program. Initially, it began its activities with intake capacity of about 151 students allotted by Ministry of Education (MOE) and 5 academic staffs. Currently, there are about 193 students from undergraduate programs attending their schools at the department. By mainly focusing on developing human capacity, recently there are 15 academic staffs and 1 technical assistant in the department. Having attained a level of human resources that could sustain most of its functional academic units, the department has now turned its focus towards improving the quality of its education and the diversity of its community services.


In line with the vision of the Wollo University, the department of statistics envisions to become the leading center of excellence in Ethiopia for statistical education, researches, consultative advice and software trainings by local, national and regional users of statistical methodologies.


By teaching quality education, conducting research and community service, providing pivotal consultancy and training, to produce competitive statisticians who can assist in statistical research undertakings and provision of statistical services so as to meet the demand for the development of the country.

Objective of the Department
General Objective

To train middle level statisticians in order to meet the demands of the socio-economic, business and development sectors in the country.

Specific Objectives
  • To train middle level statisticians who can serve in collecting, processing and analyzing statistical data;
  • To train middle level statisticians who can assist in statistical research undertakings and provision of statistical services;
  • To produce middle level statisticians who can manage and supervise the activities of statistical units or offices at both government and nongovernmental organizations;
  • To produce potential candidates for graduate studies so as to meet the demand for high level statisticians who can teach and conduct research at HEIs, and other research and training centers.
Admission Requirements

An applicant must have successfully completed the science preparatory program in a recognized secondary school with good performance in mathematics in the national or equivalent placement/entrance examination or the applicant must have graduated from a recognized university/college with a diploma in Statistics or related fields.

Programs Under the Department
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