Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was established in 2006 under the faculty of education. As a result, the department had been offering BED in Mathematics for Two years. After 2009-10, it has gotten its name College of Natural Sciences and has been offered a single B.Sc. degree program till 2016.

Currently the department of mathematics has undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Moreover, the department of mathematics offers different undergraduate courses for college of Natural science, Agriculture, Health science and Institute of technology.

Department of Mathematics had 6 Mathematics instructors with only one lecturer when established. However, currently, the academic staff profile of the department encompasses 28 mathematicians whose academic level ranges from lecturer to well experienced Associate professor.

It is not common to hear people defining Mathematics as the essential language of the sciences and mother of many disciplines of study. It is a subject that is used to learn and/or teach many other subjects. To put in a nut shell, mathematics is the discipline that engrosses all activities of life. May be one is learned or not, knowingly or unknowingly uses mathematics. This field endeavors in studying the theoretical background of any physical quantity using certain models. Mathematics is a fundamental field of study that plays a pivotal role in the development of science, technology, business, agriculture, computer science and many other fields requiring quantitative techniques.


The Department of Mathematics aspires to the highest standards of excellence in teaching and service towards the development of computational skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


To build a department, brick by brick, through sustainable efforts with an environment which empowers the faculty and staff to facilitate teaching learning process with active participation and encourages the students to develop competencies for lifelong learning and learning to learn with the following inputs/ outputs.

  • Faculty and staff development initiative.
  • Inculcating human values and ethical behavior.
  • Research and development activities.
Quality Policy:

Quality education is our motto, and we are committed to quality excellence in our Academic profession.

Programs Under the Department
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