Department of Marketing Management

Department of Marketing management, one of the five departments in College of Business and Economics, was established under college of Business and Economics in Wollo University in 2000 E.C. The department has been providing graduates equipped by knowledge, skills and attitudes for the last ten years.

The department is established in order to deliver effective teaching learning services, conducting research and community services for the benefit of the students and the entire community at large.

Currently, department of Marketing Management has undergraduate and Postgraduate programs both in regular and extension. Moreover, the department will open one more undergraduate program in the field of Logistics and Supply chain Management. This program will be opened in the year 2012 E.C and expected to have regular and extension folds.

From the staff inventory perspective, at the moment, the department has 11 faculties. Among these faculties; 1 PhD holder, four on study leave (1 for PhD and 3 for MA) and the remaining 6 are MA/MBA holders.

Department of Marketing Management envisions being one of the top five marketing management departments in terms of outstanding quality education, research, Technology transfer, and community services in Ethiopia by 2017 E.C/ 2025 G.C.

The missions of the department are designed in line with the wider college missions.

  • Provide quality higher education at all levels through regular, extension, distance and continuing education modes so as to produce competent professionals who can support the development endeavor of the country;
  • Produce competent entrepreneurs who could contribute to the technology transfer endeavors of the country;
  • Undertake researches that help to solve the socio-economic problems of the country and that can also add new values and knowledge to the society;
  • Render consultancy and short-term training services to businesses, government, and non-government organizations to help them accomplish their objectives and
  • Render various community services to fulfill social responsibilities expected of it as an academic institution.


Undergraduate Program:

BA in Marketing Management.

Graduate Program:

MA in Marketing Management.
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