Department of Economics

In the last few years, especially since 2004, Ethiopia has been experiencing growth in different Sectors of the economy. In line with this, the need for qualified professionals is increasing from time to time due to the overall growth of the economy. Being a developing country, Ethiopia is in need of highly qualified professionals for the betterment of its socio-economic and political development status. Due to the declaration of the transformation and the resulting economic dynamism, the country requires highly qualified professionals in different fields. As a result, it is a must to enhance the means of qualifying the existing workers in various sectors of the economy. Hence, eventually it has been found that, among other things, providing long term training at the graduate level is very crucial to speed up and sustain the current growth episode given the fact that the postgraduate education is backed with quality. Moreover, economic governance management requires skills of economics.

Wollo University as one of the public universities has been established in 2007 where its underpinning stone priory laid in April 2005 by the then W/ro, the today’s Dr. Genet Zewde-Minister of Education. The university has five colleges where one among is college of Business and Economics which is having the same age with the mother University. The college consists of five departments within it- Economics, Accounting, Management, Cooperative and Marketing. The Department of economics in Wollo University was first opened in 2007 G.C with the objective of contributing trained human power at the national level in general and at regional level in particular. In addition to regular program (both undergraduates and post-graduates), the department has continued to offer economics courses in the extension programs since 2008 G.C. Besides teaching, the department has a plan to involve actively in various research, short-term trainings and consultancy activities in areas of economics and finance.

Vision of the department is to be one of the top departments in the nation and be exemplary through the provision of quality education in economics subject areas, research& consultancy service by 2025 G.C.

The mission of the department is enhancing the intellectual and economic validity of our country through our academic program, research and community outreach activities.


Undergraduate Program:

BA in Economics.

Graduate Program:

MSc in Development Economics.
MSc in Natural Resource and Env. Economics.
MA in Economics.
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