Department of Management

Management department is one of the departments in Wollo University under business and Economics College established and started its operation in 2000 E.C. The department is discharging its responsibility to ensure the quality of education by implementing policies, rules, regulations and strategies. It has two postgraduate programs (MBA and MAPM) and one undergraduate program (general management).

Currently the department has 20 academic staffs on duty,7 on study leave on 3rd degree and 1 administrative staff, around 420 regular undergraduate,46 undergraduate summer, 889 extension undergraduate,87 master regular,165 master extension and 91 master summer students.

To be one of the five departments in teaching learning, research and community service in Ethiopia in 2017 E.C.

By providing quality education, conducting standardized and problem solving research in producing problem solving graduates to the local community, to the region and to the country.


Undergraduate Program:

BA in Management.

Graduate Program:

Master of Business Administration (MBA).
MBA in Leadership.
MBA in Finance.
MBA in Human Resource.
MA in Project Management.
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