Message from the Dean for CMHS

Metadel Adane Mesfin, PhD.
Associate Professor of Environmental and Public Health


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I am delighted to address you as the Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at Wollo University. As we embark on a new academic year, I am filled with enthusiasm and anticipation for the opportunities that lie ahead. Our college has undergone remarkable growth since its establishment in 2007, evolving from four programs to a comprehensive offering of 16 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programs, including two medical specialty programs. This growth reflects our unwavering commitment to academic excellence, research, and service to our community.

I commend each of you for your dedication and contributions to our college’s mission. Whether you are engaged in teaching, research, community service, or administrative roles, your efforts play a vital role in advancing our collective goals. Together, we have made significant strides in enhancing the quality of education, expanding research initiatives, and fostering innovation in healthcare.

As we continue our journey of growth and development, I encourage each of you to remain committed to excellence in your respective roles. Let us seize the opportunities before us to further strengthen our academic programs, deepen our impact through research and community engagement, and cultivate a culture of collaboration and lifelong learning.

I am confident that, together, we will continue to uphold the legacy of excellence that defines the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at Wollo University. Thank you for your dedication, passion, and continued support.

Warm regards,

Metadel Adane Mesfine, PhD

Dean, College of Medicine and Health Sciences Wollo University

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