Hassen Ibrahim Damtew

Lecturer of Computer Science & App-Factory Head





+251338514153 or +251918818038

P.O.Box: 208 Kombolcha, Ethiopia


About App-Factory Academy:

There are several young Africans with a great idea for an application development, but who simply don't have the development time or resources to get it built. To help bridge this gap, Wollo University Kombolcha Institute of Technology in collaboration with Tulane University and Microsoft 4Afrika have launched an academy called app-factory academy in 2017 to help young Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and related field graduates to create and monetize their applications, and gain experience working with senior software developers.

The academy aims to achieve improvement in software development through an internship program meant to take talented and passionate young people graduated in degree program from higher education institutions who have a foundation in ICT and give them the chance to harness and develop world-class software development skills. Through a focused hands-on approach with real customers, real projects and fully dedicated mentorship by experienced master software craftsmen directly from the industry, the youngsters are given the opportunity to build real skills and experience which makes them employable and they can start to forge careers anywhere on the country, continent or around the world, creating a vibrant software economy.

Students spend up to 6 months at the academy working with senior software technicians and develop; essential workplace skills and the ability to design and implement modern softwaresolutions. After graduation, students will have priority access to jobs through the Microsoft Partner Network and create their own business.


To continuously create sustainable value and innovative software developer and delivering to the country.


The Academy’s mission is to complete the knowledge built during university classes with more advanced concepts, design patterns, best practices and personal abilities required in the global software industry. The purpose is to help you develop practical and teamwork skills to meet the standards of real projects and real deadlines.