Shemelis Nesibu

Managing Director

Lecturer & Researcher in Mechnical Engineering



P.O.Box: 208


About Managing Director Office

Our institute believes in innovations, creativity and participative leadership approach. We believe that the purpose of education is to create an excellent student community, who are capable of doing some innovative and creative things to encounter new challenges. The managing director office inspires students and employees to act as a leader and motivates them to explore and discover new routes for using resources effectively and efficiently for improving service delivery in different offices of the Institute. Our office is dedicated to provide an environment for intellectual growth and to provide an educational environment that will stimulate both teachers and learners simultaneously. The services offered by offices under the managing director office arm the students with the right proportion of knowledge, skills, ideas and a positive attitude which makes them equipped to stride towards the glory into the professional world. .

    Some of the Powers and Responsibilities of the Managing Director Offices are:
  • The offices are responsible for the annual budget, in compliance with budget regulations, and are in charge of the operational financial and legal affairs of the institutes. Responsibility for the human resource policy, planning of the personnel budget and human resource development in coordination with the scientific and deputy directors
  • Overall responsibility for all matters of organization, structures and procedures as well as overall responsibility for controlling, including reporting and auditing.
  • Lead and oversee the development of an information and communication Technology strategy of the Institute.
  • Overall responsibility for the Institutes building construction projects, facility planning, maintenance and facility management.
  • To ensure that all fundamental operations and substantive transactions of the institute are appropriately documented in text and data forms as appropriate and that the information is without prejudice to institutional interests, appropriately and readily accessible to end users.
  • Manage and take decisions on all property at the disposal of the institute in the interest of the institute in conformity with the law.
  • Build and maintain a system of procurement and conduct local and international procurement in conformity with law.
  • To oversee recruitment process for administrative staff and where necessary select, manage, and dismiss administrative staff of the institute on the basis of the law.