Department of Accounting and Finance

Accounting is concerned with more than computational skills. Both subjects are central to the way in which management, Shareholders and society at large perceive, understand and seek to change and control the nature of organizations as well as to understand of how the market allocates finances to firms. The Accounting field is changing rapidly and dramatically over the past few years. This industry offers very diverse job opportunities. High-profile mergers and acquisitions, in conjunction with changed work practices and regulatory environments, have created an industry that is very different to what it was a decade ago. As a consequence of these changes the work is more challenging and there are wider career opportunities.

The Department of Accounting and Finance has to make major contribution to these endeavors, particularly in the range and quality of its undergraduate programs. The department has particular responsibility for the conduct of the accounting major. However, it is also responsible for the teaching of accounting and finance courses designed innovatively to meet the desire of stakeholders, where sponsorship of the students enrolled in the program is provided by organizations from a wide variety of institutions spanning both the public and private sectors.

Department of Accounting and Finance strives to be the most innovative business school in the world.

The mission of the department of accounting and finance is: Promote the art of science of accounting and finance through acquisition, application and dissemination of knowledge to strengthen the business environment by Committing to the ideals of education and development of the whole person by inspiring students to learn, lead and serve in a diverse and changing world.


Undergraduate Program:

BA in Accounting and Finance

Graduate Program:

MSc in Accounting and Finance
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