Amare Molla Dinku | MA
Assistant Professor (Rural Livelihood and Development)
+251 912 851997
P.O.Box: 1145, Dessie, Ethiopia

The department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension is established in 2011 under the college of Agriculture. Since its establishment, we pursuing two BSc programs (BSc program in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (RDAE), Mid-carrier BSc Program in Agricultural Extension) and one MSc program: MSc in Rural Development Management (RDM). The department has currently 13 staffs with different specializations, of which four are under PhD study leave and 2 staffs for MSc study leave. The department has established Kelem-meda research groups in 2018 and is actively involved in every fifteen day research seminar and multidisciplinary research activities, community services, and lectures. Both local and global seminars have been conducted including with Asam Down Town University, India. KRG has a powerful connection with global staffs (including MSc student advising) from international universities like UCL Louvain, Belgium.

A local and a global academic staffs support Kelem-meda Research Group (KRG). The latter is constituted of an interdisciplinary team of academics from various parts of the world who participate in the organization of the research activities, including the supervision of Msc thesis

Local Academics (already exit in the University’s web page)

  • Amare Molla (Ass. Professor)
  • II. Abdulkerime Mohammed (MA)
  • Samuel Tadesse (MSc.)
  • Asrat Mulat (MSc.)
  • Getahew Eshetu (MSc.)
  • Fentaye Alemayehu (MSc.)
  • Belaynesh Assema (MSc.)
  • Genet Birhan (MSc.)
  • Amelework Biresaw (PhD Candidate)
  • Rahmet Yimer (PhD Candidate)
  • Tegegne Fentaw (PhD Candidate)
  • Emebet Ayele (PhD Candidate)
  • Zehara Dessalegn (MSc. Candidate)
  • Birhanu Tadesse (MSc. Candidate)
Prof. Alex Gosseries

Prof. Axel Gosseries (UCLouvain, Belgium, joined AGS in 2019)Area of expertise: Dr. Gosseries focuses on ethics and political philosophy. He specializes on philosophical theories of justice, on issues of intergenerational and environmental justice as well as on the ethical dimensions of farming and agroforestry. He has broad interests in rural development, agroforestry and regenerative agriculture.Publications: Home page, Google scholar pageMsc Thesis supervised so far in Wollo University (2), Current, 2021 (3)

Prof. Axel Gosseries’s Profile
Profe. Vincent Vandenberghe

Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe (UCLouvain, Belgium, joined AGS in 2021)Area of expertise: Dr. Vincent Vandenberghe has Phd. in Economics and he is a full-Professor at UCL-Belgium Economics, School of Louvain. He specializes on labour economics, economics of ageing, human capital, and applied econometrics.Current Msc. Thesis supervision in Wollo University (1)

Prof. Vincent Vandenberghe’s Profile
Dr. Goedele Van den Broeck

Dr. Goedele Van den Broeck (UCLouvain, Belgium, joined AGS in 2021)Area of expertise: Dr. Goedele Van den Broeck is an assistant professor in agricultural economics. She provides research-based evidence to improve development policies and programs. Her research focuses on poverty reduction, rural development, value chains, labour markets and women’s empowerment. She has field experience in Mexico, Senegal, Ethiopia, Uganda and Vietnam. She teaches economic courses at Bachelor and Master level at the Faculty of Bio-Science Engineering.

Dr. Goedele Van den Broeck’s Profile
Prof. Joana Amaral Paulo

Prof. Joana Amaral Paulo (ISA, Portugal, joined AGS in 2021)Area of expertise: Prof. Joana Amaral Paulo is a Professor and researcher at Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Universidade de Lisboa)SA. Founding member of the European Agroforestry Federation ( EURAF ), she currently occupies the position of national delegate for Portugal at the Executive committee. Frequently teaches classes on the topics of Forest modeling, Forest inventory, Agroforestry and Statistics. Main research topics cover the understanding and modelling of the effect of climate, soil, and ecosystem management practices on tree and cork growth, grounded on data from long-term trials and plots. Main research keywords: Forest modeling, Forest management, Forest inventory, Agroforestry, Non-wood forest products, Cork, Cork oak, Montado, Statistical analysis, Decision support tools, SUBER model, SIMFLOR simulator, Yield-Safe model, Lameiros, Tree hedges, Tree fodder, Acorn, Biomass, Natural pastures, Climate change, Understory composition and management, Soil management.

Prof. Joana Amaral Paulo’s Profile
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