About College of Natural Science


Mr. Ashenafi


P.O.Box: 1145

Vision and Mission of College of Natural Science

The College of Natural Science shall be among the five top leading teaching and research institutions in Ethiopia committed to the advancement of scientific knowledge that would contribute for the development of the society.


College of Natural Science has the following missions to accomplish:

  • Provide quality higher education at all levels through regular, extension, distance and continuing education modes so as to produce competent professionals who can support the development endeavor of the country;
  • Produce competent entrepreneurs who could contribute to the technology transfer endeavors of the country;
  • Undertake researches that solve the socio-economic problems of the society as well as the country and that can also add new values and knowledge to the society;
  • Render short-term training services to businesses, government, and non-government organizations to help them accomplish their objectives;
  • Render various community services to fulfill social responsibilities expected of it as an academic institution and
  • Encourage regional and international collaborations.
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